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Our Mission

Fresh Ingredients and Quality Products

When it comes to making beer, we only accept the best ingredients, top of the line equipment and most progressive methods. We make mindful decisions in selecting quality malts, hops and yeast with you in mind. Our selection of beer brewing ingredients emphasizes large choice, diversity, and quality. We don't just carry any old roasted barley or 2 row malt. Our selection of beer brewing equipment and accessories is hand selected to reflect the same quality standards as ingredients.

Barley Haven beer recipe kits are not only packed fresh but are thoroughly researched by all of our staff. Each recipe kit is designed with the best quality standards in mind and with the flexibility to be brewed on a diverse range of equipment by homebrewers of all levels.

Sustainable Reliability

We are here for you. We achieve this through a two fold strategy. A large part is passion for customer service, convenience, making homebrew beer and helping you brew amazing beer. Our passion compels us to serve our customers 362 days a year, 7 days a week, and through 24/7 online ordering. The other half of that coin is through fair prices. We firmly believe in competitive prices that are capable of sustaining our employees, their families, and ultimately the homebrewing community.

Environmental Responsibility

Our business off sets environmental impacts where possible. We make use of store location utility providers and services that are powered partially with renewable energy and/or use carbon offsetting.

Social Responsibility

We believe in contributing to local causes. Every year we make charitable contributions to local and state not for profit organizations selected by our staff. Barley Haven and its staff have given thousands towards various causes, including local fire rescue in Colorado, homeless shelters and food banks.

Let it ferment ™ with the thousands of other homebrewers who shop at Barley Haven. Our commitment to fresh beer recipe kits, convenient hours, excellent customer service, and a large selection of beer brewing supplies guides us in serving homebrewers of all skill levels.

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