Amber Apricot Ale - Beer Kit - Partial Mash

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Apricot is an excellent fruit for summer beers because of its tart, sweet character that really shines through in your brew! This recipe is an Amber, so it's a bit darker and more caramelly than the typical fruit blonde. Ferment with Apricot Purée, add Apricot Flavor Extract, or use both for a blast of fruit flavor! Target ABV ~ 5.2%; SRM 10; IBU 28 Packed and shipped FRESH to order.
Grain profile:
DME, Briess Bonlander Malt, Chateau Cara Ruby, Crystal 120L (8.4 lbs. total)

Sovereign & Glacier

White Labs European

Intended for 5 gallon batch.
*Apricot Puree sold separately*
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