Best Red X Malt

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BEST Red X malt is specially created for brewing red-tinted beers. You can use BEST Red X for up to 100% of your grain bill – no other malt is required. Offering exceptional reliability and optimal processability, BEST Red X can be employed to brew consistently fiery beers with intense reddish hues. Its full-bodied flavor and attractive, unique color coupled with easy handling in the brewery, make BEST Red X the best choice for creating a broad range of new beers, such as red-tinted wheat beers. As with all BEST malts, BEST Red X is produced using a special malting procedure exclusively from two-rowed summer brewing barley from recognized and thoroughly tested barley varieties. Lovibond = 11-13L Use: All red beers, amber beers, wheat beers, Altbier, ales, dark beers as well as in other beers Rate: Up to 100% of the grainbill (recommended for red beers) Origin: Germany EU Certified ORGANIC
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