Briess Red Torrified Wheat

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Torrified Wheat is short for Insta Grains® Soft Red Wheat Whole Kernel. Heat treated to break the cellular structure, allowing more rapid hydration and malt enzymes to more completely attack the starches and protein. Use up to 40% of the total grist bill. SRM/Lovibond = 1.5L Origin: USA About Torrefaction With relation to brewing: "torrefaction occurs when a cereal (barley, maize, oats, wheat, etc.) is cooked at high temperature to gelatinise the starch endosperm creating the expansion of the grain and creating a puffed appearance. The cereal can then be used whole or flaked. In brewing, the use of small quantities of torrefied wheat or barley in the mashing process aids in head retention and cling to the glass"
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