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Building a Keezer at home for your homebrew beer

Instructions for building a Keezer
with step-by-step photos

  • Step 1

    We used a 7 cubic feet GE Chest Freezer that we found at our local HomeDepot. It has the interior dimensions (~31" x ~15" x ~38") to fit four ball lock corny kegs or have two kegs on tap with room for lagering, our CO2 tank, and the necessary tubing lines and slightly more room to spare for air flow or perhaps a couple beer bottles.

  • Step 2

    First we installed the easy to use Johnson Controller. It simply plugs into a power outlet, and the freezer plug into the Johnson Controller. The controller probe (which is the metal wire with the bulb at the end runs into the freeze) monitors the temperature inside and tells the freezer when to turn off and on so as to regulate the temperature as you desire. We keep our around 39F.We also suggest that you use metal ducting tape to secure the probe line only to prevent damage and moving. Avoid covering the actual probe blub at the end, as this needs to gauge temperature.

  • Step 4

  • Step 6

  • For information on proper draft PSI settings for CO2 go here

    How build your own kegerator for homebrew beer

    Check out our step-by-step instructions for making your own keezer - a great way to make a kegerator and have a draft system for your corny kegs!

    Buy Kegerator / Keezer conversion kit:

  • Buy the equipment as shown in the tutorial for a package deal.
  • Buy the equipment as needed for your own design!
  • Design and build your own kegerator. It's easy!

    Equipment needed:

  • Tools: Power drill, Drill bit (1/4"), Bore bit (5/8"), Socket for bolts/nuts (7/16"), Sharpie, Dremel tool for cutting plastic, and Screw bit for bolts. [tool needs may vary depending on your selection of mounting bolts]
  • Johnsons Temperature Controller
  • 1/4" Beer Line Tubing
  • 5/16" Air Line Tubing
  • CO2 Regulator
  • CO2 Manifold / Air Distributor
  • 5lbs. CO2 Tank
  • Cornelius Kegs
  • Gas connectors for kegs
  • Fluid connectors for kegs
  • Chrome Draft Column
  • Tap Handles
  • Chest freezer with top open door (sorry..not supplied by Barley Haven)

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  • Step 7

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