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Liquid versus Dry malt extract..What are the differences?

Firstly, the conversion between DME and LME (by weight):
LME x .8 = DME
[LME is 80% malt extract and 20% water...]


Dry Malt Extract


  • Easy to handle. Weighing portions is simple and exact.
  • Fresh and consistent in color, which is very important to brewing your beer to the proper style guidelines
  • You'll get more fermentable sugars because it will not sink like LME and burn
  • Cons:

  • "Clumps together"...if you don't pour slowly and stir to dissolve before boiling...
  • Slightly more expensive than LME.
  • Consensus

    We prefer dry malt extract at Barley Haven. DME is simply a better malt extract in all terms of quality..better shelf life, easier to use for brewing, and DME gets better results.


    Liquid Malt Extract


  • Marginally less expensive than DME (when calculated for weight conversions).
  • Cons:

  • Weighing portions is very difficult, due to 'sticky' nature of LME.
  • The older LME is the more inconsistent in color it will be for brewing beer..
  • Easily sinks to the bottom of your kettle and caramelizes..losing fermentable sugars
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