1272 American Ale II Yeast

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Pitchable liquid yeast from Wyeast
With many of the best qualities that brewers look for when brewing American styles of beer, this strain’s performance is consistent and it makes great beer. This versatile strain is a very good choice for a “House” strain. Expect a soft, clean profile with hints of nut, and a slightly tart finish. Ferment at warmer temperatures to accentuate hop character with an increased fruitiness. Or, ferment cool for a clean, light citrus character. It attenuates well and is reliably flocculent, producing bright beer without filtration.

Attenuation: 72-76%

Flocculation: Medium

Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 60-72°F

Alcohol Tolerance: approximately 10% ABV

Styles: American Amber Ale American Brown Ale American IPA American Pale Ale American Stout Blonde Ale Fruit Beer Imperial IPA Wood-Aged Beer
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