Chocolate Milk Stout - Beer Kit - Partial Mash

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The addition of Madagascar Cacao Nibs adds a nutty kick to this sweet treat! Our Chocolate Milk Stout starts with some Chocolate Malt and Flaked Barley for mouthfeel and roasty, rich cocoa flavors. We add Lactose for milk sweetness, and finish with the Cacao Nibs for pure chocolate flavor. Target ABV ~5%; SRM 40 Packed and shipped FRESH to order.
Grain profile:
DME, Chocolate Malt, Flaked Barley, 4oz Cacao Nibs and 1 lbs. of Lactose (~7.5 lbs. total)

Rakau (1oz)
California yeast from White Labs

Intended for 5 gallon batch.
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