Primo™ #2 All-Grain Beer Brewing Equipment Kit

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Start to brew with all-grain ingredients in your home with this essential starter beer equipment kit for beginners. 10 Gallon Mash tun kettle included!
Premium starter equipment kit for making homebrew

Start to brew in your home with our "Primo #2" beginner equipment kit!


-Two 6 Gallon Glass carboys (or upgrade from Glass to the 6.5 gallon Genesis Fermenter at no additional charge)
-6 ft vinyl tubing
-10 gallon AMCYL™ stainless steel mashtun kettle with ballvalve, kettle torpedo screen and ported thermometer
-Emily Wing Bottle Capper & bag of caps for approximately 1 batch of beer
-Easy Siphon
-Blow off cap for a carboy
-Carboy brush to clean carboy
-One 6 gallon bottling buckets with spigot (can double as fermentor)
-3 airlocks with one bung for carboy and two stopper for bucket fermentor.
-"Homebrewer's Answerbook" by Ashton Lewis
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